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gate acc 2

Code: 307
Description: gate acc 2

Detailed Description:


Gate Accessories

In addition to gates, gate hangers and spuds are available spearately.


Band Type Hangers


From left to right:

Band Type Corner Hanger, RSJ Top Hanger, Screw Type Hanger, Heel Spuds, RSJ Bottom Hanger, Band Type Centre Hanger.


Gate Hangers

7" x 7" Band Type Hangers - Galvanised

7" x 7" Corner Hangers - Galvanised

8" x 8" Band Type Hangers - Galvanised

8" x 8" Corner Hangers - Galvanised

RSJ Hangers

20mm Screw Type Hangers

16mm Screw Type Hangers

Built-in Hangers

7" x 7" Clamp Type Hangers

8" x 8" Clamp Type Hangers